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To learn more about Shamba Shape Up, please visit our website; kept here are all of our episodes, and it is added to after every episode comes up on TV in East Africa.



Shamba Shape Up is not the only TV show made by The Mediae Company, who are the production company behind Shamba Shape Up. We also make and produce Makutano Junction (an education based drama series currently in it’s 14th series and wildly popular in Kenya). Makutano Junction is a weekly drama series set in a typical peri-urban East African town. The drama follows the lives, loves, frustrations and successes of a small African community living in a context and a manner familiar to tens of millions of people on the continent. Through the carefully written script and a cast of familiar characters, Makutano Junction models real-life dramas and dilemmas as well as their solutions. It highlights basic rights and injustices while demonstrating remedies and best practices. The results are loyal weekly audiences of multiple millions across Africa.



We also make and produce children’s learning show, Know Zone. Know Zone is Kenya’s first ever children’s educational television programme aims to bring first-class entertainment and education directly into the homes and lives of Kenyan children and their families. Know Zone works to raise the educational standards of young Kenyans by improving their grasp of key literacy and numeracy syllabus requirements. Life skills messages ranging from information about children’s rights and responsibilities to key health concepts and ideas, are also covered through short dramas, storytelling and a studio based ‘advice zone’. And in Kenya’s changing socio-political environment the programme also addresses issues such as ethnicity, peace building and diversity.

All episodes, clips and more information can be found on our online channel – the Africa Knowledge Zone.



To learn more about The Mediae Company or to get in touch, please go to:



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