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Africa’s Agriculture and Agribusiness Markets Set to Top US$ One Trillion in 2030 — World Bank Report

In a report by the World Bank, who awarded Shamba Shape Up it’s SecureNutrition Knowledge Platform’s 2013, has released a report stating that Africa’ has the potential to reach markets of over US$ one trillion by 2030.


Despite the massive amount that is stated, it is a figure that Shamba Shape Up thinks can be achieved after reading our recent research report from Reading University. The report stated that “The overall number of households specifically reporting that they had made changes to their maize or dairy practices as a result of the programme, or who reported that they had benefited from SSU through increased profit or improved household food situation, is statistically estimated to be 428,566. Households who reported making specific changes in their farming practices as a result of Shamba Shape Up are statistically estimated to be 218,562 households for maize and 65,063 for dairy. From these two enterprises, the statistically estimated net economic impact in the 25 counties was US$24,718,648; this comes mostly from dairy enterprises.”

This amazing statistic (and the method behind reaching it) can be found in the report on our website:


In layman’s terms, this means that statistically, due to the data collected and scaled up to the population of (mainly) dairy farmers in Kenya, the changes made by farmers who watch the show, led to an increase of US$24,718,648 to the value of the milk produced within the country.

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