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News on Shamba Shape Up

The Shamba Shape Up website has recently been updated to accommodate the news and interest surrounding the new series. Over the years many distinguished news outlets have taken an interest into the work Shamba Shape Up is doing, and has written about it. This includes articles by The Guardian, Hortinews, Christian Science Monitor and The Business Daily.

The articles have, over the years, covered a variety of topics related to the show, including its reach, its research and our benefits to the farming population of East Africa.

To have a look and a read of some of these articles, please go to our website where you will find them.


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For ages agriculture in Africa was done the old way, but times are a changing…

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Recently Mail & Guardian Africa wrote a report about Youth in Agriculture, and used a previous Shamba Shape Up farmer as an example of a young people choosing agriculture over the big city life.

The report, which focuses on Africa as a whole, but starts discussing Shamba Shape Up in particular, looks at the problems young farmers are facing in terms of markets, prices, information and land. In most African countries, the problems start the same way; youths are put off returning to the farm by the image that farming has acquired; dirty, ragged, underpaid and most of all, boring.

The article goes on to discuss the how African governments are supporting farmers, and when they fail, if there are NGO’s or organisations to help them instead.

The full report can be read here: http://cdn.mg.co.za/content/documents/2015/02/10/mgafrica-on-africas-farms.pdf

Or a smaller article: http://mgafrica.com/article/2015-02-11-for-ages-agriculture-in-africa-was-done-the-old-way-but-times-are-a-changing