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Hortinews Kenya writes about Shamba Shape Up

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Hortinews Kenya has recently written about Shamba Shape Up and its involvement in agriculture in Kenya. The article focuses around our involvement with orange fleshed sweet potatoes through our previous sponsor CIP.

CIP, who came onto the show with us for series 4, have been spreading the word about OFSP across East Africa by letting farmers and families know about the health benefits of the vegetable; only a small amount of OFSP each day can help reach the total vitamin A needed. This is especially useful for children and old people – many children suffer from a lack of vitamin A which can stunt their grown and harm their eyesight.

CIP’s involvement with the show meant that many more farmers in the region were able to learn about the new variety and were able to contact them with questions and advice.

The article provides an interesting insight into OFSP growing in the area, with a focus on Shamba Shape Up from Page 20.


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