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Shamba Shape Up Facebook Page Hits Record ‘Likes’!


The Shamba Shape Up Facebook page has reached a record 40,000 Facebook ‘likes’, making it one of the largest agriculture-based pages in the region.

The page, which can be seen here, has a wide readership from a variety of countries all over the world. With fans ‘liking’ and commenting on the page’s contents, as well as leaving comments on our wall, the page is at an all time high. Farmers can often be found engaging each other in debate or discussion, which allows farmers to share their knowledge with others with the same problems. The page is also a source of amusement¬†for many, who share pictures of their farm, as well as themselves and their families working on it. At Shamba Shape Up we value the interactions that go on here greatly, as we learn more too.

Because of Facebook Insights, we are able to make judgements about the type of people who are coming to the page; with the results often being vey interesting. In terms of area, Kenya is obviously a top hit, with Tanzania and Uganda following soon after (after all, this is where the show is aired), however the countries after this come as more of a surprise… India, America Qatar, Pakistan, Germany?! We never could have guessed our fans were so international!

As well as geological diversity, we were interested by the information given about the age of our fans. With most of Facebook dominated by the youth, we were interested to learn that a large percentage (10%) of our fans were 65+, again proving our point that it is all farmers who are keen to learn, not just the youth.

We hope in the future that our Facebook page will continue to grow, and will help to support the fledgling iShamba call centre which is its final stages of production.